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Brian's Gallery is Located in Hamilton Ontario since 1975.
We are a small Canadian business owned and operated by my self an Artist born and raised in Hamilton
Brian's Gallery is located at 1104 Fennell Ave. East unit #5 Hamilton Ontario L8T1R9 Canada.

As a photo restoration artist at Brians Gallery
I have been in art field painting art most of my life since 10 years old, later on i got interested in photographic art, stumbling into photo touching when visiting a garage sale and noticed some Marshals transparent oil paint used for colorizing black and white photos i purchased these for $1.00 they were like new. I started to play around with these and enjoyed it very much then i started to paint these to colorize black and white photos and got more involved with resoring photos the old chemical darkroom way As the years whent by and experience grew here I am today using the modern way of digital restoration reconstructing faces, to restore detail on photos with extreme damage, redraw, fix ripped photos, tears, scratches, torn photos, replace missing sections with severe surface damage where critical details is missing of family pictures, even from fire or smoke damage. To us Photo preservation and keeping the best quality as posible is very important to us. We have experience of several years specializing in restoring family pictures, old photographs, and rebuilding parts missing. Being patient is a necessity to retouching photos, our photo restoration services and your satisfaction is very important, that is why we excel in this market.

Brians Gallery will give a professional finish to your image giving more appeal than a poor dull flat original. take a look at Brians Gallery Photo Restoration Services
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