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Brian's Gallery is Located in Hamilton Ontario since 1975.
We are a small Canadian business owned and operated by my self an Artist born and raised in Hamilton
Brian's Gallery is located at 1104 Fennell Ave. East unit #5 Hamilton Ontario L8T1R9 Canada.

I have been painting since 10 years old self-taught artist started my career in abstract painting moved on to photography became very interested in the wilderness areas of Canada and spent many years photographing these areas across Canada moved back to painting landscape, wildlife and whatever i desired. Then i became very interested in the wilderness areas of northern ontario and spent many years here sketching and painting these areas of Kilarny park, Temagami, Georgian bay, and the french river areas. In the early years our small art gallery was open for buisness but closed during long weekends for my wilderness travels, in our gallery you can view my art and we handle a good selection of other wellknown artist's limited edition art prints. Now you can even sell your art on our website if you want.
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