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Brian's Gallery is Located in Hamilton Ontario since 1975.
We are a small Canadian business owned and operated by my self Brian Hinkley an Artist born and raised in Hamilton
Brian's Gallery is located at 1104 Fennell Ave. East unit #5 Hamilton Ontario L8T1R9 Canada.

Portrait Paintings we can turn your photos into paintings A Masterpiece portrait painting can be painted from just your photos. Custom portrait paintings on canvas or watercolor paper you will be amazed by what we can create from your photographs. . Turn your photos into paintings on canvas, or watercolor paper of your family, friends, pets, dog, cat, landscapes, seascapes, cottage, or your house. Our portrait paintings are created by hand, painting in a variety of digital mediums such as pastels, watercolor, oils, or pencil sketching, painting, the finished piece just like a traditional oil portrait painting. These Paintings are then printed with archival inks, papers or canvas they are as archival or even more archival than some oil paintings especialy watercolor paintings and are enviromental friendly. No long drying periods as with oil painting, no toxic smells Our oil Paintings can be offered at a lower price, once printed, we can even add a hand textured finish. Have more than one produced as a gift for other family members or friends at a much lower price. If your portrait painting becomes damaged, it can be reproduced again for less cost because it is on file and needs only to be printed.
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