What is Photo Restoration?

It is the conversion process of the original photo, into a high resolution digital file by scanning. Once the image is scanned the original is left intact and untouched. The process removes all visible damage from photographs caused by aging using photoshop or other photo software.
This skill can be very time consuming and will remove blemishes manually, by painting over flaws meticulously. Corecting unwanted color casts altering contrast or sharpening detail, removing objects or people from a photograph, or inserting people from one photograph into another, removing flaws like missing parts or damaged areas, mold, stains, rips, tears, scratches, faded photos, pen marks, water damage.
It is a image editing process where images are altered. Using Image editing tools such as an airbrush, clone brush are used to modify photographs, these programs can also be used to create computer art. Images are stored on computer in the form of pixels which contain information about color and brightness etc. With the use of algorithms Image editing can change pixels that will enhance the photo to the desire of the artist.
Most old photographs fade or color shift with age no matter how carefully looked after.
Your old family pictures may have an orange color cast.
Black and white photos change as well, and can turn yellow with age, it will only get worse, and in fact, may just fade away over time.
The good news is that you can stop it now, with our restoration methods, we can do miracles.
None of your originals leave our Gallery.
Photo Restoration
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