How The Photo Restoration Process Works

The process requires three steps:

the restoration work,
the output (archival printing).


The process begins when a scan is made of your original.
Once your photo is scanned the original will be returned to you with your newly restored archival photo.
All work is done only to the scanned copy of your photo;
your original photo will never be altered and will be returned to you in
the same condition in which it was received.


Once scanned and evaluated, obvious spots, cracks, fading, stains and scratches are removed and the overall color tone and contrast adjusted.
Now, with a clear clean digital image more involved restoration and rebuilding can proceed.
Upon completion of the restoration we will e-mail you a sample so you can see it for approval.


Once you have approved the job, you can choose from or combine the following output options:
* Archival Photographic prints
* e-mail

Please Note:

Your repair work can be processed on-line but you need to consider a few things first.


We find from experince that most people who send us their scanned image to us it is not of a good quality scan.


Mailing us the file or emailing the images, we can return by email if you want to print your own files
but we recommend having us print the file for you with archival printing.

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