Photo Restoration Tips

Thinking about trying to do Photo restoration yourself. Do you need the latest photo repair software to clean up your photos? No you dont.

But If you want the best Software like adobe Photoshop CS3, then you need to dish out at least $1000.00.
If you are interested in photo restoration as a hobby, then look for something less expensive like photoshop elements and other programs even less expensive.
After pictures are restored you will want your photos to last longer than the ones you have from the past now, then you need to treat them properly after you have them fixed. So they may last another 100 years .

How can we do this?
One way is how we frame the photo.
The right way to this is to use all acid free materials the best inks and papers we can get. And we need to frame the photo with a matt placed between the glass.
This does two things, makes your photo look nicer with the right choice of matt.color. Second and most important, it protects the photograph from damage.

Glass should never ever touch the photo because glass sweats and will trap water inside the glass and stick your print to the glass,create mold, and stains.
. So the matt separates the glass from the photo.
Copy your photos
You first need to copy your picture .
To do this, you will first need Restoration Supplies, equipment
like a scanner to scan you print on a scanner.
But sometimes it's not possible to use a scanner to capture your old photos properly.
Because the photos may be too brittle to press flat, or three dimensional folds. Then using a camera is the only option but a very good camera is needed.
hope this helps Brian

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