The Value of Restoring Old Photographs

How Valuable are your photos?

From the 1800s are some of the most rare and precious photographs to have, and you are very lucky to have these.
But photographic prints are not permanent prints they can start to lose detail after a few years and are deteriorated in about 75 years.

Fire or water damage can wipe out your family photographic history.
So its very important to have archival photo restored copies of your old photos,

"Its Your History".

Most photos fade to white. Old tintypes and other historical photos can fade almost to solid black.
Color photos develop an orange cast when faded.
Many of these images will be lost if they are not recovered in the next few years.

If the print or the negative are not restored soon your future generations may not know what their past relatives looked like, and this is a real treasure to be able to go back many generations to see a hard copy of your family members. So dont wait if you have any photos that needs some restoring, do it now!
To Preserve your photographs is preserving your history. If you can trace your family history back many generations you are very fortunate. Seeing our family from the past give us a unique vision of our history. So you who have family photographs why not keep your treasures for generations more. share your memories, for your future generations. The only way that this will be possible is to restore damaged photos now, and copy good photos for back up.

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