Fix Water Damaged Photos

Water can be very nasty to photographs when sitting in water or dampness for a long time. we will restore old photos with water damage, remove water stains, mold damage,
Photos Stuck to Glass.

How to fix water damaged photos ?

This request is a very common.
Flood damage is the main reason for water damaged photos. If your lucky you may be able to salvage your pictures, if they are still wet but not too long in the water.
The important thing is do not let the photos dry out in this condition .
If your photo dries on each other or the glass that they are in contact with it could become stained or stuck.
More info on removing a photo stuck to glass
But due to some water damage some prints may suffer permanent damage due to mold eating paper and emulsion.
If you need digital photo restoration work to repair water damaged photos. Contact us here. Phone 905-383-4747

Photo Restoration Examples

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